Local Produce

Here at W.R. Vernon Produce we have been supporting local family farms since we opened the doors. That is how we got our start. It is more than simply supporting a local farmer because they are local. It is and always has been the right thing to do. Most customers like to know where their food comes from and who is producing it.

Realistically speaking, local food production can be thought of in concentric circles that begin with growing food at home. The next circle might be food grown in your immediate community, then county, state and region. If products are not available locally or regionally, look for items produced in the United States. Remember, local means as close to home as possible. Buying local helps support a more sustainable food system because true sustainability exceeds the methods used in food production and includes every step that brings food from farm to table.


Buying local or seasonal produce has many advantages; here are a few of the biggest and most obvious reasons to “Keep It Local” when possible.

Minimize the “food miles” and help reduce the carbon footprint for that particular item.
Freshness. Food that travels less is more likely to be fresher, more nutritious and often taste better than non-locally produced food.
Keeping your money in the community. When you purchase locally your money stays in the community. It helps to strengthen the local economy and allows the farmer to provide jobs.
Protecting and maintaining the environment. Most local farms are run by farmers that live on their land and work hard in order to preserve it. It is through these efforts of preservation that they are able to maintain rural landscapes and help curb urban sprawl.